vSTAR: no hardware to install and maintain, no updates to apply…nothing to think about except run your business and let Ventucom manage and monitor your IT environment. IT automation is a key factor in Ventucom being able to deliver a proactive, results based IT service model. vSTAR provides unparalleled automation of periodic IT tasks required to manage and maintain all your systems and devices. From the moment you sign up, you will have a completely configured, fully automated, cloud-based IT management solution with the functionality and power that no one else can offer!

vSTAR can scan a client’s network, from within and outside of the client’s firewall. The system allows clients to receive proactive notification and reports on viruses, unauthorized guest accounts, product version code issues, and more than 350 other potential vulnerabilities.

In addition to its vSTAR product, Ventucom offers a range of network management options, depending on what fits best with an organization’s capabilities at each of its locations. This can extend from remote monitoring of server operations and messaging to comprehensive monitoring, alerts and remote correction of problems. Procedures such as security analysis and event log monitoring make sure each network operates properly and that proactive maintenance is done to avoid problems. Remote monitoring also can be used to assess how well local network maintenance is being carried out, such as measuring the effectiveness of local server backups.

Outsourcing network management to Ventucom provides organizations with the most reliable, available and secure networks by building on Ventucom’s incomparable combination of Internet-based technology and local expertise.

Main  Features

Antivirus—provides complete protection from dangerous attacks and malicious software all managed centrally.

Audit & Inventory—track every system and software detail no matter where the machines are located.

Discovery—finds all the attached devices and computers on your network providing a complete view of the network.

Monitoring—proactive monitoring with instant notification of s or changes, all critical to security, network performance and the overall operations of the organization.

Patch Management—automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and Windows updates.

Policy Management—administration of IT policies ensuring all devices everywhere are secure, in compliance and managed consistently across the organization.

Software Deployment—streamlines the software deployment and update process for the most common third-party solutions.

Remote Access—provides a robust and powerful interface to access and have full control over all devices in the network with minimal end user interruption.